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Payment methods

Customers can choose between several payment options, which are indicated in the Seller's online shop

Payment  can be made by bank transfer, Bill Pay (available only in Germany) or Paypal.

If you opt to pay by bank transfer, we will provide you our bank details in the order confirmation.

The payment periods of BillPay amount, for example, pay by invoice with a payment term of 20/30 days. Each online purchase by BillPay in the background is automatic verification of identity and the customer's creditworthiness.

How to make online payment by Bill Pay (available only in Germany) :

  1. Put your goods in the shopping cart and enter your shipping and billing address. Then select the BillPay Invoice as a payment method during checkout in the online shop.
  2. After a quick check of your data, your purchase is complete. The online shop then ships your order.
  3. The bank details and the due date will be sent to the customer by Bill Pay

If you want to pay by paypal you need to have email address and password. Nothing more is required to these method type.

Pay with PayPal

  1. Put the selected product in a shopping bag. During the ordering process select Paypal payment method, if offered.

  2. To proceed with PayPal payment method you choose whether credit card bank account or other source.

  3. After you specified all your data PayPal will proceed secure  transfer money from your account to seller PayPal account.